Getting the most from your Holiday Greens

Tree ShapesChoose the right tree for the room: You should be able to sit and enjoy the tree without having to back up into the kitchen to take it all in. Consider the scale of the tree and its relation to the room size and think about how it will look from all angles. Also, consider how it will look from both outside of your house and inside your room.

Shaping the TreeShape your tree: Begin from the bottom of the tree and shape the branches working up. Pull all of the individual tips out from the inside. This will make the difference between a "Charlie Brown" tree and a fabulous, full tree.

Choose a color scheme, go gold or silver, or carefully mix all:
Create beautiful color Color Schemeschemes with fabulous gold tones and rich warm traditional colors. You will be so cozy that you will never know it is cold outside. Silver should be mixed with blues, purples, whites & other crisp cold tones. Silver is great for creating a clean modern feel that is as refreshing as winter itself. Beginners may want to stick with either silver or gold, but the adventurous can mix them all up to make a multi-colored holiday scene. Many retailers are offering pre-packed glass & plastic balls with professionally chosen color schemes. If you need help with color, buying one of these pre-packed sets can be a quick solution to your design problems.


Design around one of your favorite things, get nostalgic: Use one of your favorite old items to set the parameters for your decorating.  The item does not have to be a holiday item. Anything that is special to you will do. Identify the colors and the characteristics of the piece and choose additional holiday items that are similar to build a beautiful scene of your very own.

Mantle ScarfChoose a coordinating skirt: Tree skirts are a great way to tie in the colors and temperament of your holiday decorating with the rest of the room. Add additional fabric pieces to tie in the rest of the room.

Use layers to create a stunning tree: Layer many different items to get a decorated tree that looks abundant with holiday beauty. Start with a pre-lit tree or add lights to your non-lit tree. Weave in strings of beads, rows of ribbons, or tinsel to create a unique look of your own. Top off the look with ornaments and add metallic or glass balls to multiply the light.

SantaDecide on your level of sophistication: You have always wanted a luxurious tree, but what do you do with all of the ornaments given to you by friends or made for you by children? Many people love the homemade ornaments, but if that is not your style, make a specific place for the "special" ornaments someplace more casual (like, out of the living room!). Pin the homemade ornaments to a wreath or garland and display them over a door or on a banister. Your family will think you have made a special place for their sweet gifts and you get a formal Holiday Scene of your own!

Tree AccentsLet nature be your guide: Use elements of nature to decorate your tree for the holidays. Fruits, nuts, pinecones & berries are all good things to use. Many natural items such as cranberries and dried flowers can be found at a nearby grocery store or purchased at your local craft store. Bunch the pieces together with wire to create unusual bundles of your own. For extra holiday flair, try spray-painting the items with gold or silver paint, or shower with glitter.

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