Warning! Never perform maintance on a tree that is plugged in!

Lighted wreaths, frequently asked questions:

Q. What will be included in my package?
Your package will include the Pre-lit wreath with replacement fuses and light bulbs.

Q. How do I make my Pre-lit wreath look as good as the one in the picture?
Place the wreath on a flat surface. With wreath facing upward, separate all branch tips. To achieve maximum fullness, tips should not touch one another. Repeat the process over the entire wreath.  Once completed, wreath should appear full and consistent (Some additional adjustments may be needed to fill any remaining gaps).

Q. Can I decorate my Pre-lit wreath?
You may decorate the Pre-lit wreath with lightweight ornaments, because the wreath branches are not strong enough to support weighted objects. All ornaments and materials should be non-metallic and flame retardant.

Q. Can I use my Pre-lit wreath outside?
Check your packaging. Depending on the model you have purchased you may be able to use the product outdoors. Consult your original box label for information about indoor or outdoor use.  If it states indoor use, do not use it outside.

Q. What do I do if my Pre-lit wreath fails to light?
Check or do the following things:

  • Check the power.
  • Be sure that all plugs are securely connected.  
  • Locate problem bulbs or loose bulbs, and push them back into their sockets.
  • Check for any missing or broken bulbs and replace. Use replacement bulbs supplied with your wreath or a 2.5-volt replacement bulb.

Q. Can I add lights to my Pre-lit wreath or use blinking lights?
No, the lights that come with the wreath are thoroughly tested for safety by the manufacturer and should never be replaced with non-standard parts. In addition, your safety should not be compromised by using non-standard lights.

Q. What kind of extension cord should I use?
A 5 amp or above rated extension cord.

Q. Can I leave my Pre-lit wreath overnight or when I am away?
It is not recommended to leave Pre-lit wreaths on for extended hours or leave it unattended. Always be present during operation.

Q. How do I store my Pre-lit wreath?
Take the following steps to properly store your wreath for future use:

  • Remove any ornaments or decorations.
  • Fold and smooth branch tips to assist in re-packaging.
  • Place in box and secure.  Do not store in a damp area or in an area where the temperature exceeds 100 F.

Q. I am missing a part. How do I obtain replacement parts?
Contact us at support@starlitechristmas.com

Q. I am missing instructions. How do I obtain instructions?
Use the following link to Download Instructions

Q. What kind of safety precautions do I take with my Pre-lit wreath?
Observe the following preventative measures to have a safe holiday season:

  • Do not place artificial greens or electrical products near gas or electric heaters, fireplaces, candles or other locations where fire hazzards are presented.
  • Do not use sharp hooks, nails or wire to secure the electrical parts of this product.
  • Unplug the product when leaving the area, home or going to sleep.
  • Keep this product away from children and pets. This is an electrical unit and is not a toy. Do not leave children and pets alone with any electrical product.
  • Do not use the Pre-lit wreath outdoors unless directed.
  • Do not use near water.
  • Do not use a high voltage converter.
  • Keep cords away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not use a damaged extension cord or plug.

Q. What is Proposition 65?
The State of California's Proposition 65 requires that all products containing lead must carry a public disclosure to inform consumers of the presence of leaded material in the products they buy. This is required of any product that contains lead, even those that contain very small amounts.

Q. How do I protect myself from lead exposure?
Because the amount of lead in the product is so minimal, most states do not require a lead disclosure to be included on products such as artificial greens, but there is a small amount of lead contained in the material. If you wish to protect yourself from the lead content, the manufacturer recommends that you wear gloves and wash your hands after handling the products.

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