Changing a Bulb

Warning! Never perform maintance on a tree that is plugged in!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to change light bulbs on your Pre-lit tree.

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Step 1.
When working with lights on your Pre-lit tree always unplug the tree.
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Step 2.

Remove the protective clip from the branch. These clips hold your lights onto the branch and prevent damage to the bulbs.

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Step 3.

Some bulbs are equipped with bulb lock. Lift the plastic tab to remove the bulb.
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Step 4.

Remove the bulb from the plastic seating and discard. Your new bulb will have two copper wires.
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Step 5.
Align the wires in the plastic seating so that they can be threaded into the unit.
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Step 6.

Thread the wires into the plastic seating.

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Step 7.

Bend the wires back into the groves on the bulb seating.
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Step 8.

Seat the unit back into the bulb casing.
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Step 9.

Push down to lock the bulb using the plastic bulb lock. 
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Step 10.

Clip the bulb onto the branch.
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