Changing a Fuse

Warning! Never perform maintance on a tree that is plugged in!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to change the fuses on your Pre-lit tree.

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Step 1.
Locate the fuses included with your tree. When working with lights on your Pre-lit tree always unplug the tree.
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Step 2.
Locate the male plug on the light string.
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Step 3.
Open the compartments on the top of the plug to reveal the fuses.
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Step 4.

Remove the faulty fuses by shaking them from the plug. Discard them.
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Step 5.

Align the fuses in the compartments. click to enlarge 


Step 6.
Carefully insert the new fuses taking care not to break the glass.
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Step 7.

Close the compartment doors.
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Step 8.

Plug in the tree to test the new fuses. If it does not light, check that the +/- symbols on the fuses match the symbols on the plastic plug. If this does not solve the issue, check for faulty bulbs.
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